Tools: Supplier FOCUS+

Take Control of your Supply Chain

Are supply chain fluctuations causing you endless headaches? 

With overstretched resources and no trusted supplier analytics, your supply chain may be in continuous disarray:

  • Erratic supplier performance
  • Never-ending price changes and spiraling costs
  • Non-existent benchmarks

It’s time to take control!
Discover Supplier Focus+

Comprehensive scorecards designed to give you a complete 360° view of every supplier. Regain control with robust benchmarking, combined with proprietary customer, inventory, and pricing insights.

With Supplier Focus+ you can:

  • Eliminate confusion: Turn insights into action with our structured approach.
  • Control costs: Regain the upper hand in supplier negotiations.
  • Establish meaningful benchmarks: Hold suppliers accountable for performance.

Why Supplier Focus+?

Built on our expertise in data-driven decision-making and derived from our best-selling book, "Optimizing Channel Profitability", Supplier Focus+ redefines your supplier relationships based on growth, profitability, alignment, and supply chain performance.

Real results:

Our playbook has empowered distributors to reduce costs and boost performance dramatically.

We aim to help our clients improve inventory turns by 20% or more, improve payment terms by as much as 50%, reduce purchasing costs by 10-15%, and consolidate suppliers by 30-50%, resulting in higher rebates and greater control.

Don't let disruptions impact your bottom line.

Clients Using our Tools

“The analysis and easy-to-use and digest playbooks from ACTvantage have helped reduce costs, gain margins and strengthen partnerships with our vendor community. We improved vendor payment terms through focused negotiation – from Net 30 to Net 45.”

VP Supply Chain and Vendor Relations

Large Distributor

“We are enjoying the content! It affirms some of the things that we’ve already been doing, but we’re also learning some new things. ACTvantage’s training has led us to some good internal discussions, and we’re developing some common language.”


HVAC Distributor

“This program is created from real data that forms theories, develop strategies, and arrives at practical ways to improve profitability. An approach that should be part of the future of distribution.”


Electrical Distributor