Tools: FUSION Analytics

Unlock Profitable Growth 

Tired of friction between Purchasing and Sales, leading to bloated inventory and lower margins?

It’s easy for departments to point fingers when analytics efforts aren’t in sync, resulting in:

  • Poor inventory decisions: Lack of customer insights leading to dead stock on slow-movers and poor fill rates on core items.
  • Fluctuating supplier performance: Frustration as suppliers disappoint your customers with volatile pricing and fill rates.
  • Internal conflicts: Friction between Purchasing, Sales, and customers when rebalancing inventory.

Remove the barriers to your profitability Introducing Fusion Analytics

Actionable scorecards that offer robust benchmarking to maximize profitability, increase accountability, remove inefficiencies, and align your team.

With Fusion Analytics you can:

  • Prioritize stock items: Connect inventory decisions to core customers who drive higher sales and profitability.
  • Hold vendors accountable: Secure better pricing leverage and drive better performance on lead-time and fill rates.
  • Bridge the gap: Reduce conflict between Purchasing and Sales by using customer insights to help right-size inventory.

Why Fusion Analytics?

Based on our groundbreaking research and best-selling book "Driving Profitable Growth", Fusion Analytics redefines inventory and growth performance by integrating insights from Purchasing, Sales, and Supplier Management, while focusing on product availability and profitability.

It's time for change!

Clients Using our Tools

Clients Using our Tools

“The classification of inventory based on item level profitability has helped us reduce the capital employed. We expect to benefit from further decreases.”

Head of Supply Chain

Packaging Distributor

“ACTvantage insights and tools will lead my company into future profitability and growth.”


Building Materials Distributor

“The information from the platform is beneficial, pragmatic, and quickly applicable to our business. We have realized some early wins and anticipate a greater positive impact in our business.”

VP Purchasing

Fluid Power Distributor