Tools: Inventory FOCUS+

Optimize your Working Capital Strategy

Is your approach to working capital actually… working? Without the analytics to make the right decisions, your inventory is probably out of control.

Sound familiar?

  • Inability to keep pace: Reacting inefficiently and ineffectively to supply chain fluctuations. 
  • Missed opportunities: Failing to identify inventory problems as pricing opportunities.
  • Internal conflicts: Adopting overly optimistic customer forecasts, leading to dead stock and friction with sales.

Stop the spiral. Enter Inventory Focus+ 

Providing a 360° view of your inventory mix, these scorecards seamlessly integrate robust benchmarking with proprietary customer, supplier, and pricing insights.

With Inventory Focus+ you can:

  • Effortlessly manage thousands of stock items effectively.
  • Uncover pricing opportunities while optimizing inventory.
  • Connect inventory decisions to customer insights to reduce sales conflicts

Why Inventory Focus+?

Based on principles from our best-seller, "Unlock the Power of Inventory Analytics", Inventory Focus+ transforms inventory performance by bridging the gap between purchasing and sales to deliver tangible results. 

Proven Success:

Our clients have achieved remarkable results, increasing fill rates by 6% to 12% and boosting margins on slow-moving items by 200 to 450 basis points.

Don't let siloed decision-making drain your profits.

Clients Using our Tools

“Inventory stratification gives you a no-nonsense approach to looking at inventory. It gives you a baseline to avoid the blanket rules that most businesses apply and provides a focus on what is important.”

Materials Manager

Industrial Distributor

“Using the techniques and tools from the inventory management program, we reduced our total inventory by more than 20%.”


Building Materials Distributor

“The classification of inventory based on item level profitability has helped us reduce the capital employed. We expect to benefit from further decreases.”

Head of Supply Chain

Metals Distributor