Tools: Sales FOCUS+

Unlock Sales Success with Strategic Insights

Ever feel like your sales team is playing Whac-a-Mole? Without data-driven insights, they are probably struggling with:

  • Over-discounting: Caving in to price objections without a strategic approach.
  • Missed opportunities: Failing to cross-sell and up-sell effectively.
  • Customer prioritization: Wasting time on low-value customers, while putting high-value ones at risk.

It's time for a change.
Introducing Sales Focus+ 
 Offering a 360° view of your customers, our scorecards combine key customer insights, benchmarking, and prescriptive actions designed to put you back in control.


With Sales Focus+, you get:

  • Clarity on cost-to-serve: Empower your sales force to hold the line on prices.
  • Customized recommendations: Grab wallet share and drive double-digit sales growth.
  • Customer analytics: Identify and laser focus on strategic, core customers


Why Sales Focus+?

We wrote the book on data-driven decision-making. Based on our best-seller, "Customer Stratification — Best Practices for Boosting Profitability", Sales Focus+ revolutionises your sales approach, equipping you with exclusive insights into buying power, profitability, alignment, and cost-to-serve.

Proven Success:

Our strategies lead to remarkable revenue growth. We’ve seen clients achieve as much as 12x ROI by optimizing sales efforts and becoming more customer-centric!

How would you like to do the same?

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“Today’s competitive environment requires that management make better data-driven decisions. We can no longer afford to treat the sales process as an art; it requires a structured approach, and this publication will provide you with the tools to accomplish that in your organization.”


High Tech Distributor

“Customer Stratification provides us the power to transform our company from being product-driven to customer-driven. It has helped us understand our customers in greater detail, enabling us to optimize our selling resources, which will result in an improved ROI.”


Hardware Distributor

“This program is about more than just pricing—it makes you consider the cost-to-serve, which products to sell, and how to use your resources to build more Core customers, serve them better, and be more profitable doing it.”

Director Sales

Automation Distributor