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The Analytics-to-Action™ System for Distribution

Fusion Analytics


We assess over 36 intelligence points across critical functions, offering distributors integrated technology, tools and training to spot and seize on the largest performance opportunities across business operations.

The Analytics-to-Action™ System for Distribution

The ActVantage Analytics-to-Action™ System assesses over 36 intelligence points across critical distribution functions, including customer, supplier, inventory, and pricing. It offers distributors integrated management tools and training that help you spot and seize on the biggest performance opportunities across business operations…no matter where you are in your data and analytics journey.

Our Partners

Our Partners

“By allowing you to set your own parameters, Actvantage brings clarity to the things most important to running your business. The Actvantage team immerses themselves into the business, and the personal attention delivers results. The efficient, user-friendly way they deliver data to the team is nothing less than amazing.“

Danny Bates, Executive VP

Valley Solvents & Chemicals

“Working with the Actvantage Analytics-to-Action™ System helped our management team gain knowledge with real hands-on experience to implement cutting edge best practices over an incredibly short period of time. We received the education, data enrichment, coaching, and playbooks from Actvantage that will positively impact our strategic decisions and revenue for years to come.”

Joe Nolan, President

Gibson Engineering

“Actvantage provided us with tools that can be used by all levels of our distribution team to increase revenues and decrease costs. Actvantage analyzes and displays our data in a way that helps us focus on the details without losing sight of the big picture. We are seeing positive results in all areas of customer interaction through their stratification strategies, and it’s required only a small investment in time and energy.”

Vice President