Sales & Marketing Assessment

Sales & Marketing AssessmentOur Only security is Our ability to change. —JOHN LILLY

Companies need to focus on sales force effectiveness and developing competitive value propositions’ in tandem. They cannot be optimized in isolation. In order to integrate them effectively, companies should first address the following key questions: Which sales force activities provide the greatest return on time and dollars invested? Are sales force efforts being directed toward those activities that provide the most value to both present and future customers? How does the firm determine the most important opportunities and present them to salespeople? How can the firm follow up and measure sales force effectiveness in pursuing new opportunities? What forms of compensation will motivate the sales force to pursue optimal profitability in customer relationships? We spent over a year with 20 companies across varying lines of trade to uncover a best practice framework that answered these and more key questions. The outcome of the Sales and Marketing Optimization study drives this competency assessment. The assessment is done using three-step process: Assess, Prioritize and Optimize.

Connecting Sales & Marketing Processes to Shareholder Value

Deliverables & ROI

Your path to creating competitive value propositions will be broken down to 3 key zones.

Zone 1 will layout an all-inclusive sales and marketing framework along with motivations and current trends. The framework will help you think uniformly and coherently about processes and profitability as it relates to customer experience.

Zone 2 will demonstrate three components of sales and marketing strategy. It brings the right focus and alignment by deconstructing these sales and marketing strategy components—market segmentation, target market selection, and value proposition development.

Zone 3 is where rubber meets the road and we define critical sales and marketing processes are hammer home best practices. This zone places special emphasis on making the all-important connection between sales and marketing processes and shareholder value. This zone will also hone in on critical sales force effectiveness contributors – business development, marketing communications, sales force design, sales force deployment and compensation, and sales force development and management.

The key outcome of the assessment is a Competency Scorecard, listing your status in the spectrum of ‘common-good-best’ categories for 20+ critical business processes. The assessment also provides a plan of action and recommendations to implement sales and marketing best practices to boost your sales force effectiveness. The playbook includes, but not limited to,

  • A comprehensive sales and marketing framework to help companies create competitive value propositions
  • 30 best practices on growth from actual distributors
  • 60 ready-to-implement action steps
  • 122 real-world distributor examples from across the industry!

Creating a competency scorecard is different from acting on it (consumption). Many firms understand their current status but don’t travel further. They work hard on process assessment but get busy firefighting. Our team provides you a detailed roadmap that aligns people, process, technology and performance – an integrated approach that helps you achieve sustainable profitable growth.

Peer-driven, blended learning is key to helping you align people to process and performance. Research shows that people retain more, apply more, and experiment more when opportunities are aligned for them to learn, apply, follow-up, and re-learn. Our assessments are designed to follow this sequence but in a more fun-filled, inspiring way.

Our assessment consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Pre-assessment preparation
  • In-session business assessment tools
  • Post-assessment follow-up
  • Capstone projects
  • People-process-performance alignment
  • Best practice resources

We are here to listen and learn. Let’s optimize your firm’s profit potential. 

We are impressed with the material and its potential impact on our profitability. Truly information and education for the times.

Gary McKillican
President and CEO, McKillican International, Inc.

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