Creating Your Growth Playbook

Distribution Growth Framework

Creating Your Growth PlaybookGrowth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. – JAMES CASH PENNEY

Every company seeks profitable business growth. The challenge is how to sustain that growth over time. This next set of questions determines your path: How quickly can you grow? What are the key opportunities? What approach should you take? What are your growth objectives? Are you even ready to grow? How will customers respond to your efforts? While this might seem straightforward, few companies follow a structured-proven framework that amounts to a growth playbook. We worked closely for over a year with 20 companies in varying lines of trade to uncover a proven, best-practice framework to drive sustainable, profitable growth. The outcome of the study (listed below), published in collaboration with NAW, is the centerpiece of our growth capability workshop.

  • 4 growth frameworks to guide companies in their growth journey
  • 95 best practices on growth from actual distributors
  • 40 ready-to-implement action steps
  • 60 real-world distributor examples from across the industry!

Your growth journey will be broken down to four key zones.

  • Zone 1 will focus on motivation and trends and present a 3-dimensional growth framework that addresses the importance of value creation for sustainable profitable growth.
  • Zone 2 is about opportunity management. You will be exposed to growth strategies, drivers, and growth mechanisms. They are integrated to form the generating growth framework.
  • Zone 3 is all about capability development. The managing growth framework will help you think logically about prioritizing your growth opportunities. The framework will also explain how economic and resource drivers are linked to achieve profitable growth.
  • Zone 4 will address risk management through the sustaining growth framework. The framework will help you think cogently about sustaining growth opportunities.

At the end of this workshop, you will leave with a a plan of action (Roadmap) and a prescription for  implementing growth best practices in your firm immediately.

You don’t have to face your growth challenges alone. Allow us to join you in your growth journey and help:

  • Map your current growth strategies and identify both gaps and opportunities
  • Understand growth forces that you need to manage for profitable growth
  • Comprehend how to manage the trade-off between focusing on the income statement and balance sheet to drive profitability
  • Benchmark your growth rate, profitability goals, and cashflow
  • Uncover and remove blind spots in your growth planning and execution
  • Develop a growth mindset, and proactively think about growth rather than react to market forces
  • Collaboratively discuss growth with your top management
  • Teach up-and-coming leaders about your firm’s growth strategies as a great onboarding tool!

This is not your traditional training workshop, listening to an 8-hour monologue. We take a different approach and prefer to call each session an ACTshop. We take an innovative, agile approach:

Why are our ACTshops so successful?  Peer-driven, blended learning is the key. Research has shown that people retain more, apply more, and experiment more when opportunities are aligned for them to learn, apply, follow-up, and re-learn. Our ACTshops are designed to follow this sequence but in a more fun-filled, inspiring way.

Our ACTshop consists of, but not limited to:

  • Pre-course preparation
  • In-session business assessment tools
  • Post-course follow-up
  • Capstone projects
  • People-process-performance alignment
  • Best practice resources

We are here to listen and learn. Let’s optimize your firm’s profit potential. 

“The Growth findings provide valuable insight and will allow us to benchmark against best practices for strategic growth. The study validates many of our current initiatives, but also illuminates areas to target for improvement. This is well worth the investment of time and resources!”

Bob Dill
President & CEO, HISCO

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