our approach

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. At ActVantage, we help distributors grow profitably. How we do it? It all begins and ends with the CUSTOMER.

We bring ProfitabilityFlexibilityCapability and Reliability to the table.

To maximize your firm’s success, we recognize the need to shape our expert advice to a way that applies to your way of doing business. This allows us to create rich relationships with our clients.

We believe in ‘Customers for Life’.


We help distributors drive profitable growth by developing core capabilities grounded in analytics and training

Our landmark ‘Optimizing Distributor Profitability’ study found that distributors can double EBITDA (operating profit) and triple RONA (return on net assets) when they implement focused analytics across our “7S” process framework.

We being and end every engagement by connecting ‘Process to Profitability’.

Tailored Approach

We treat every firm as unique… and tailor analytics and training accordingly

Every distributor has its own DNA – and its own needs.

Our ability to tap into a myriad of technology and training options makes a tailored solution both accessible and affordable

We listen and adjust your implementation to your unique mix of people, technology maturity and process complexity.


ActVantage knows that people are a distributor’s most important asset.

Software and analytics don’t drive change alone. People drive change.

We have seen that incrementally boosting a team’s engagement level while keeping a company’s technology maturity level constant can result in far greater gains than deploying technology in the absence of engagement.

Our framework focuses on building core capabilities by integrating three sources of institutional capital – process, technology, organization to PEOPLE

Field-tested and

ActVantage co-founders spent the past two decades developing, deploying, and disseminating best practices at Texas A&M’s renowned Industrial Distribution program.

We have co-authored 6 best-selling books through the National Association of Wholesalers on topics ranging from driving growth to optimizing profitability to optimizing sales and marketing.

We have implemented best practices across hundreds of distributors while training and sharing our insights with thousands of distribution professionals.

Check out your profitable growth opportunities !

We are here to listen and learn. Let’s optimize your firm’s profit potential. 

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