Actvantage for Industrial Distribution: How 8 Distributors Rapidly Boosted Sales and Profit Over the Past 16 Months

At ActVantage, we had the opportunity to work with distributors through the past year and a half to improve processes and achieve sustainable growth. In a recent article for Industrial Distribution, we took a moment to share a handful of success stories that we believe other distributors can use to inform their own growth plans. With every story, there’s a distinct focus that helped drive results.

Action items include:

  1. Assessing stock that is only purchased by one customer for value and opportunity.
  2. Expanding categories sold to existing customers.
  3. Improve gross margin with a target set of customers using specific benchmarks.
  4. Apply data to decision-making as opposed to solely applying emotions.
  5. Encourage movement of slow-moving inventory with relevant compensation strategy.
  6. Reduce outdated and slow-moving inventory by assessing last purchase date.
  7. Use best practices of top performers to train and educate your teams.
  8. Assess your suppliers for performance improvement opportunities.

Learn the concrete ways eight distributors applied these action items to achieve growth and improve margins at their businesses.

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