Actvantage for NAW: 3 Analytics Oversights that Stunt Growth for Distributors

In your pursuit of growth as a distributor, you may believe you have everything in order to be successful: the right analytics, the right approach, etc. However, even the most successful distributors struggle with common blind spots and oversights that can stunt their results.

Which blind spots are most common when it comes to analytics?

  1. Applicability. Last year’s “best practice” may not be relevant to your current business model. Do your analytics support your goals?
  2. Alignment. Great analytics will fall to disuse if they don’t fit into stakeholders’ workflows. Is your playbook actionable and easy to execute?
  3. Adoption. Great analytics will also fall to disuse if you don’t give stakeholders proper access. Do you enable team members to consume analytics, or do you just create them?

If any of these potential blind spots sound familiar, read more about them and how to avoid them in Senthil Gunasekaran’s article for Modern Distribution Management.

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