Actvantage for Industrial Distribution: Bringing Science to Your Art-Heavy Sales Management Methods

Distributors pull in a vast amount of data from all areas of their operations. One area where that data can be most valuable is sales. Here, data can be used to add a more scientific angle to decision-making that’s traditionally driven by emotions, or the “art” of selling.

Importantly, distributors need to ensure they’re giving salespeople the information and tools they need to take this analytical approach. This means analyzing the sales force for performance and capabilities and determining the highest-value activities per their sales type, as well as customized training.

To bring science to your art-heavy sales management methods:

  1. Define your performance evaluation criteria
  2. Develop your stratification model
  3. Segment your sales capabilities
  4. Assign your salespeople to their segments

In a recent article for Industrial Distribution, Pradip Krishnadevarajan details action items within each of these steps.

Stratify your sales force for more strategic selling.

Learn more about how ActVantage helps distributors improve sales force effectiveness.

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