Actvantage for NAW: Four Steps to Effectively Manage Your Sales Organization

A sales management approach that doesn’t account for individuals’ differences in terms of strengths, preferences and potential means missed opportunities. If you optimize your sales force by customizing your approach, you’ll realize greater outcomes, assigning the right salesperson to the right task and identifying where to upskill or reallocate.

The road to understanding your sales force isn’t as simple as conducting a skills assessment, however. It’s important to follow a strategic framework that will help you optimize your sales force management.

In a recent article for National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, Pradip Krishnadevarajan details a best practice framework for sales force optimization. It includes four steps:

  1. Qualitative analysis
  2. Quantitative analysis
  3. Reports and results
  4. Strategies and application

Drive performance on your sales teams with this best practice framework.

Learn more in our NAW best-selling book, Sales and Marketing Optimization.

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