ActVantage for NAW: Assess, Compete, Transform: The Peak Performance Cycle

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed uncertainty and flux across distribution, leaving many distributors fighting fires day-to-day. Yet, firefighting isn’t new for distributors. Even before COVID-19, distributors often found themselves underperforming amid breakdowns in what we call the “peak performance cycle,” which consists of: Assess, Compete and Transform (ACT).

The benefits of improving upon the activities in your peak performance cycle are tremendous. You’ll encounter fewer roadblocks on your way to success, and you’ll have a better view of where to prioritize your time and effort.

In a recent article for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, Brent Johnstone outlines keys to success using this framework.

Learn how top-performing distributors Assess, Compete and Transform.

Learn more about the ActVantage approach.

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