ActVantage for Industrial Distribution: How Distributors Can Sustain Growth in the New Normal

For any growth planning to be successful, distributors need to plan for sustained growth. However, many spend most of their time generating growth and not enough on managing and maintaining it. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has made quick wins seem more attractive and dependable than developing sustainability.

Even as uncertainty continues, it’s still feasible to get a better grasp on achieving sustainable growth. We simply must understand the trends that lead to stunted growth. In our research, we discovered that misguided assumptions distributors make about their capabilities and opportunities are the most significant culprits leading to failure.

In an article for Industrial Distribution, Senthil Gunasekaran details actions distributors can take to identify – and solve for – incorrect assumptions that stunt growth.

Adapt your strategy to maintain growth in your business.

Learn more about how ActVantage helps distributors design successful growth playbooks.

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