ActVantage for Industrial Distribution: Must-Have Capabilities for Distributors to Manage Growth

In planning for growth, distributors need a clear idea of their capabilities in all relevant areas of their business. These areas break out into seven critical groups: Source, Stock, Store, Sell, Ship, Supply chain planning and Support services. Without the right level of capability maturity in these groups, distributors can’t achieve their projected growth. Developing and maintaining appropriate capabilities is part of growth management.

Today, that growth management must also factor in systemic industry changes. Two groups have changed dramatically: Sell and Stock. As you evaluate your growth management plan, it’s imperative to consider how “maturity” has been redefined in terms of capabilities in these areas.

In an article for Industrial Distribution, Senthil Gunasekaran uses his industry experience to help distributors re-orient and manage growth with these changes in mind.

Adapt your strategy to nurture growth in your business.

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