ActVantage for NAW: 7 Keys to Implementing an Individualized Approach to Sales Training

To get the most out of their sales training programs, distributors need to move away from a blanket approach toward a customized, individualized method that accounts for varying levels of experience and skill. Doing so may sound complex, but the returns on individualized sales training are well worth the effort.

Distributors can develop such training using the I7 Training Framework. This framework outlines seven steps to understanding your sales force and designing effective training. The steps include:

1.      Identify: Create skill set categories for individuals based on characteristics of the sales force.

2.      Intent: Determine objectives for those categories.

3.      Innovate: Determine appropriate individualized training programs.

4.      Instruct: Select specific topics, instructors, methods, timing, etc. for each program.

5.      Inspire: Encourage your sales force by explaining the value and benefit of these programs.

6.      Implement: Launch the training programs and provide necessary support and tools.

7.      Improve: Review the impact and improve programs according to feedback and results.

In an article for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, Pradip Krishnadevarajan outlines these steps in greater detail so distributors can get started.

Craft individualized sales training at your distribution company.

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