ActVantage for MDM: The Secret ‘Value-Add’ in Distribution: Portfolio Management

There are distinct parallels between the financial world and the distribution world. One that particularly stands out is the disruption of a “discount” option in the market. In personal finance, it was discount brokers like E*Trade. For distributors, it’s Amazon.

Full-service brokers pivoted expertly back when discount brokers first began to threaten their business. They adjusted their value propositions to emphasize their more holistic approach, considering themselves portfolio managers instead of being purely transactional. They are now known as financial advisers, and they’ve set themselves apart from discount brokers.

Distributors have a similar opportunity. They can take the portfolio management approach with their customers, using their own existing data and industry knowledge to help customers achieve their goals.

In an article for Modern Distribution Management, Brent Johnstone describes how distributors can benefit from portfolio management. This article is the first in a series of two.

Learn more about this secret ‘value-add’ in distribution.

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