ActVantage for NAW: Defining the Six Faces of Your Value-Based Pricing Cube

In distribution, pricing is as critical as it is complex. Yet, when pricing decisions are being made, the many variables involved are often condensed and scanned in a moment rather than being strategically analyzed to determine the most optimal choices. This is understandable because, truthfully, there are hundreds of variables to consider.

That’s why distributors need a thoughtful pricing strategy that highlights the most influential pricing factors and applies them in the decision-making process. Your salespeople can’t assess hundreds of variables at once. Give them a framework they can use to make the best decisions based on value.

In a recent article for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, we present the six faces of our value-based pricing cube. We identify the most important variables to include in building your pricing strategy.Discover the six faces of a value-based pricing cube.

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