Guide: The Distributor’s Revenue Recovery Roadmap

Sales teams are greatly affected by the constraints of social distancing. They face challenges on two fronts: skill and will.

On the skill side, they are unable to do what they’re trained to do professionally: influence customers through face-to-face meetings. And as their performance suffers in this constrained environment, concern for their compensation can hurt their motivation – the “will” component.

If you’re responding to the recession by cutting prices and extending terms, pause for a moment to think on this:

Enabling your sales teams to perform better in their constrained environments is the true deciding factor for revenue recovery. It’s critical to how well – and how quickly – you’ll recover.

Have you enabled your sales teams’ skill and will with remote selling? An effective transition involves four critical actions:

  • Reassure: What’s the mix of fixed vs. variable pay in sales compensation?
  • Renew: What’s the focus of sales management as a process?
  • Renew: What’s the focus of sales management as a process?
  • Retool: What’s the level of customer-specific information available to sales teams?
  • Retrain: What’s the focus of sales force training?

Get started on the road to recovery with our guide, A Distributor’s Roadmap to Revenue Recovery.


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