ActVantage for Industrial Distribution: 4 Steps for Distributors to Gain Control and Move in a Crisis

It’s natural to panic in the face of the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents. However, you must strike a balance between panic and patience, and that balance should involve markedly more patience.

In those times of patience, you’ll find opportunities to plan, adjust and regain control amid high volatility. As Pradip Krishnadevarajan says in his recent article for Industrial Distribution, “Courageous companies that invest now by planning how their company may transform, and to what extent, create value and can emerge with a sustainable, differentiated growth strategy.”

It’s a challenging goal to view from the starting line, so Krishnadevarajan presents four important steps that will help you MOVE and stay patient when conditions incite panic: Mobilize, Observe, Validate and Enable.

Read about the steps you can take to MOVE during this pandemic.

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